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Price : 2000+28% GST

ET300 is brand new vehicle GPS model, GPS positioning accuracy is within 5meters. Waterproof, 3 years warranty,  and working voltage 9V to 100V. This means, not only working with car, taxi, Van, truck, motorccycle, it’s also working with E-bike, scooters, motorbike.  Moreover, gps device is easy to operate with simply commands.


GPS+GSM+GPRS wireless positioning system

Quad band GMS frequency for global use

Built-in high sensitive GPS chipset

Built-in GSM&GPS antenna

Real-time tracking

Auto start when power connected

Built-in watchdog function, auto reboot when accident happens

Built-in switch power supply, with wide voltage input

Built-in acceleration sensor, intelligent power saving and static drifts resisting

Installing method: covert / open

Three LED indicators: GPS- Blue; GSM- Green; Power- Red

Check location via platform service


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